Work with me

Work with me

If you would like to work with me, I am very friendly and willing to chat! My email is

Trips with a tot was founded in December 2016 and is a family travel and lifestyle blog based in Sheffield. It is for families who love to go on days out and find ideas of where to go. I love to share our own experiences with blog reviews, photos, and vlogs as well as finding out the best activities and events for families in and around Sheffield.

I am a social media influencer with a large online following. I like to work with brands who are passionate about providing good family days out. I only work with brands who I would be interested in myself and will benefit both me and my readers. I have a large engaged and loyal following across social media with my target audience being local families. Facebook is a very important part of my blog and is my most used Social Media network. I have a very high following and engaged audience which I am very proud of. I put a lot of time into and work hard on my content across all my accounts and take my blog seriously. I can help you with Facebook outreach.

As well as my Facebook page, I have a private, inclusive community group for my audience where we chat and discuss all things trips with a tot, this has close to 1,000 in under 6 months. I run the biggest Sheffield Parents Meet Ups group on Facebook which has over 1,000 members. My audiences and community trust me and value my content.

For Trips With A Tot, I am passionate to create content-based work for brands so that my audience get a genuine experience, quality reviews and accurate information. I can help you make money, promote events, bring you customers and generate outreach for your company and products, produce good quality content and reviews, and create a “buzz” about you. Whether you are a small activity class for toddlers or a large UK attraction, let’s work together!

How I work with brands:

  • Sponsored posts of all shapes and sizes
  • Days out and travel reviews
  • Promoting your event on Facebook
  • Photos, vlogs and social media content
  • Videos on Facebook and YouTube
  • Family friendly restaurant reviews
  • Social media campaigns
  • Guest posts for newspapers, magazines and blogs
  • Giveaways

Stats (please note these are changing constantly):

  • DA 29, Average 50k website views a month
  • Nearly 7k following on Facebook in under a year, always increasing with an impressive average monthly reach of 150k and 55k engagement, plus a growing and private Facebook community group with an engaged fan based audience.
  • 2k following on Twitter + 1k Instagram

Previous work examples:

  • I am regularly featured in The Star newspaper, this was my first published article.
  • National Trust
  • Northern Rail
  • Revolucion De Cuba
  • IKEA Sheffield
  • Whirlow Hall Farm Trust
  • Events Collective (Illuminate the gardens event)

Please contact me for more information and rates. I hope to hear from you soon!

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