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Welcome to the second Your Experiences guest blog series. This time, Cassie is sharing her family stay at La Rosa Extraordinaire Campsite in Whitby. Cassie stayed at La Rosa Campsite for a last minute seaside getaway and was in awe at the good location, unique style and wonderful atmosphere. When I saw her photos on Facebook, I knew I had to ask her to share with us! It looks like such a unique place.

La Rosa campsite in Whitby
La Rosa Extraordinaire Campsite in Whitby Photo property of https://twitter.com/LaRosaHotel

La Rosa provides a Kitsch camping experience based just outside Whitby, in the North York Moors. The vintage caravans are surrounded by open fire pits, lanterns, fairy lights, good facilities and beautiful decorations and decor. There are larger vans available, a hotel and a camping barn. All accommodation is kitted out beautifully and is truly unique.

la rosa caravan campsite in Whitby
Inside one of the rooms in the hotel at La Rosa

Prices start from £65 and include bedding, fire, crockery, toilet roll, and everything else you might need! There is a hotel onsite which is situated in an elegant period townhouse.

La Rosa Extraordinaire Campsite in Whitby
La Rosa Extraordinaire Campsite in Whitby Photo property of https://twitter.com/LaRosaHotel

Here’s what Cassie had to say about her family trip to La Rosa!…

Where did you go?

1) We went to the La Rosa campsite, just outside Whitby in the village of Goathland. It was so hot on Friday lunchtime that I rang them on a whim and we set off straight after nursery that afternoon! We got the Swallow Barn on a deal as they had a last min cancellation and it’s such good value. Even anyway (normally £100 a night) it’d be cheap for what it is. It has two double beds and a single all in the barn, plus stables around the courtyard contain a separate playroom, bathroom, dining room and outside seating area, BBQ and more.

It’s about a 15mins drive to the beach in Whitby or Sandsend (if you prefer a quieter seafront). There are steam trains down the road if your child likes trains. We saw signs for Flamingoland on the way but the beach and campsite kept us very busy for a weekend. There are so many toys in the playroom, plus a sandpit, rabbits and guinea pigs and chickens roaming around. If you walk down to the field full of vintage caravans (each decorated in a different theme!) there’s a big top where people hang out and a self-service sweet shop. Perfect for an evening stroll!

La Rosa campsite in Whitby

The barn is decorated with vintage circus artefacts so it’s very stylish and full of personality; but as it’s an old barn I wasn’t worrying about mucky handprints or anything getting broken. If you like minimalism and hate a bit of dirt this isn’t for you! The loo is a compost toilet (built like a throne, with views over the valley!), there are two gas camping hobs and a fridge if you want to cook, and my son loved hunting for beetles under the doormat. There’s a massive rolltop bath in the stables that you can throw them in at the end of a mucky day playing in the yard or on the beach.

What did you like most about it?


2) The best thing about it is that it’s so relaxed, as well as being stylish and fun. It felt totally safe to let our toddler son roam in the yard whilst we sat on the sofa drinking tea. The beach and countryside provide so many free activities that you don’t have to spend much – we bought a kite, lunch and a coffee and that was about it all weekend! I was happy to ignore my phone and chill out in the countryside for a few days 😊

What advice could you give to families camping with young children?


3) I can’t really claim this was camping as we had a building with electricity and log burners! We have been camping recently though and the issue we had was that Osh wanted to get in everyone’s tent! Slightly awkward at times!! The good thing here was that we had all the space of the yard and things to do. I would say that if your child is active, choosing somewhere with that space makes a big difference. We tend to get up and out early otherwise, so he doesn’t wake everyone up at 6.30am, so it was nice to have the option of going more slowly in the morning. But mainly just give it a go!!

Thank you for sharing with us, Cassie. I’ve never seen a campsite quite like this before and I really want to go. I absolutely love the decor… it’s so unique! It’s beautiful.

What do you all think? Would you like to try La Rosa, or do you prefer more traditional campsites? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.

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