Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

Welcome all to a guest post for Made in Sheffield: a new and unique series to celebrate and showcase some of Sheffield’s best families and their independent businesses. I’d like to introduce you to Fi from The Daisy Foundation. Fi is here to give you all her top tips and advice on how to enjoy your pregnancy, but before we get started, I wanted to tell you a little bit about Fi and her story. Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

AND…I’m really excited to let you in on a fantastic competition for the chance to win a perinatal voucher giveaway worth over £150, enter to win that here. The voucher can be used to spend on any antenatal class (or combination or services!) at The Daisy Foundation. This prize for you and your family from Fi in celebration of her returning back to work after being a surrogate. <3

Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

In Sheffield within the close knit family community that we are lucky to have here, Fi is well known and respected amongst everyone from all walks of life. Daisy Foundation Antenatal classes are a popular choice for new mums, and  I know lots of friends who have done the pregnancy massage, baby yoga, baby massage and parent workshops. As a new mum I always heard of Daisy Foundation and many parents recommending I check out Fi at the Daisy Foundation.

But it doesn’t stop there, Fi is respected by others in so many other ways: in the Sheffield home ed community, as an inspiration to new mums all over Sheffield, and most recently; a spectacular surrogacy. Thousands of people all over Sheffield and beyond are amazed at Fi’s courage, strength, determination, kindness and love. People are feeling inspired, their eyes have been opened and we simply can’t believe how amazing Fi is to have carried and birthed a baby for another couple.

So, really, it was without doubt that Sheffield Wellness Centre & The Daisy Foundation should be included in this brilliant series. I, too, personally know Fi; 2 years ago when I was feeling confused, ashamed and very deflated around the feelings I had to do with my birth trauma, it was Fi who reached out to me online and asked me to go and see her. I was soooo nervous… I had to take a friend with me… but the advice and warmth I received is still something that helps me today and I am incredibly thankful for her outreach to me. Fi is the most selfless person you could ever know. If we are ever lucky to conceive again, I know Daisy Antenatal Classes will be my first port of call!

In this blog post, Fi is here to give us her top tips on “How Easy is it to Enjoy Pregnancy?”. If you are pregnant, or thinking of conceiving, I recommend you save this post and re-read it! The advice in here is incredibly valuable. 🙂

To celebrate the fantastic journey, Fi is giving you the chance to win a £150 voucher to use of any perinatal services. It’s quick, free and anonymous to enter so make sure you do that here. And not only this, but Fi is offering one of my readers on my private community group the chance to benefit from a 6 week Daisy Foundation Antenatal Course starting in September. Thank you, Fi <3  Let’s get started!

Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

I’ve just experienced the most special pregnancy and birth that anyone could possibly experience, one where I was able to look after myself and prepare fully. It was a pretty unique pregnancy as I was carrying for another couple. But it got me thinking, how easy is it for women to look after themselves, or to be looked after during pregnancy? I know you’re very busy, whether you are a first or second time mum or more. Perhaps still working, perhaps looking after other family, perhaps trying to carry on as if nothing has changed despite everything being different.

How easy is it for you to look after yourself?

As a pregnant woman, you are bombarded daily with information and there is so much choice regarding the perinatal services that are available. Things you must eat, things you must not eat. Exercises you absolutely must do and ones you absolutely must avoid! Everyone has an opinion and they are none too afraid to give it to you either. You must be carrying a boy/girl/twins., etc because of your bump size/position/face shape…!

And the stories – oh my the stories!

I bet you can count on one hand the positive, life affirming and wonderful birth stories which have been flung your way. Perhaps you’re trying to plan for something a bit different, a home birth or a water birth and people keep telling you that any plan is pointless because birth is so unpredictable. Are you enjoying yourself yet?!

In the Daisy Antenatal classes I run, many mums tell me this is their truth. Hard working mums moving home, moving country sometimes, far away from support networks, struggling with day to day life. We spend much time each week supporting each other and helping you to find your network, your tribe of like minded people who will raise you up and help you through. Each session is a tranquil hour and a half of you and bump time. There is information, but no agenda.

You and your bump and your birth are unique and I respect that. 

We know that it’s important to find time for self care, but what if it really seems like there is no time? Here are my top tips for making pregnancy as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield
Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

Top Tips How To Enjoy Pregnancy: Fi from The Daisy Foundation, Sheffield

Find an antenatal class

  • There are many to choose from which I think makes pregnant women in Sheffield very lucky. Find the class that speaks to you, one with a kind and knowledgable teacher, someone who will support you and care for you without trying to tell you what to do. 

Surround yourself with positivity

  • Those aforementioned stories….sometimes it can get tiring listening to other peoples terrible experiences. This is your opportunity to protect yourself. Ask them to save their story for after your birth experience. Check out positive birth stories and videos on the internet, read good books, get excited!

Use massage and complementary therapies

  • You might be able to afford a few luxuries in your pregnancy you might not. If you can, book a massage, book a therapy session, invest in yourself as much as you might invest in the pram, the nursery and the baby accessories. Birth might only last for a number of hours but the ripples can affect your life for a long time after. 

Ask for / Accept help

  • Use your support networks, if you don’t have one, make one. Use parenting groups on facebook, use your Daisy teacher or friends you meet during your antenatal class. Ask for help or accept offers of help, you don’t have to do it all.

Stop/say no

  • Take the time to just stop and have the courage to say no if you need to. We are trained as women to do it all – this is the perfect time to practice self care and not do it all.

Change working conditions

Your place of work has a legal duty to keep a current risk assessment for your pregnancy and ensure your working conditions don’t make you ill or struggle. Make sure you are supported at work and get the help you need.

  • Be kind to yourself

Above all, be kind to yourself. Speak kind words when you’re tired and need to stop, say loving things when you feel overwhelmed. Notice how you treat yourself in day to day life and make sure you treat yourself as you would a very good friend. You are completely and totally worth it.


To celebrate my return to work after being a surrogate I am giving away a £150 perinatal voucher for use at the Sheffield Wellness Centre.

You can use the voucher for any combination of services available and you can transfer it to someone as a gift. Good luck!

A lucky member of our community group will be sent on a Daisy Foundation 6 week antenatal classes course; their experience will be posted here so make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with that. 🙂


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post. All views and opinions are my own.
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