FREE day out with art, cafe & playground at Hepworth Wakefield

I’ve mentioned it before but I really recommend a day out at Hepworth Wakefield. The free family activities at Hepworth Wakefield. Hepworth Wakefield is a modern art gallery in Wakefield and it makes a fantastic train trip from Sheffield with a little one. I did this recently with Eric and we had the best day. It was just so easy and a bonus that all of it was free, too. 😀

The art gallery has picnic areas, a lovely cafe, outdoor play areas, good views down to the water from the big open windows in the gallery, and a new garden outside opened august 2019.

29 top best favourite days out, trips & holidays of 2018 Hepworth Wakefield | Top 5 (4 free!) Things To Do With Kids in Wakefield
Hepworth Wakefield | Top 5 (4 free!) Things To Do With Kids in Wakefield
hepworth Wakefield

I do recommend this type of day out for 3 years+ to get the most out of it. We first went to the Hepworth when Eric was just turned 2 and whilst he still had things to do, we have a much better day now he’s nearly 3 and a half.

The free family activities are typically every Sunday in term time and more frequently in the school holidays. Check their website ‘what’s on’ section as there’s always something going on from sensory stories, craft-based activities, music and more. On this particular day we went it was ink activity and collage activities.

It honestly was just a nice day and most importantly it was just easy. I went just by myself with Eric and wanted something which wasn’t going to be stressful. There isn’t LOADS and LOADS to do there but I’m realising lately sometimes the easier days are better especially when it’s just me and him. We can focus on doing the simpler things for longer and then it just makes life a lot easier for me than rushing around everywhere.

Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield

In contrast, the week before we went to Hepworth Wakefield I’d took him to Manchester on my own to MSI Museum and obviously, that trip was a bit more stressful because of how busy Manchester is. So this trip was more relaxed and I definitely will do it again on my own with him especially before the baby comes.

10 things we did on our little day out at Hepworth Wakefield:

Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield
  • Said Hello to the robot who lives on the bridge (he/she is made up from all old scraps!)
  • Had fun in the playground (twice!)
Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield
  • Was given an activity bag to take up to the galleries with little tasks to do
  • Found interesting things to spot and draw
hepworth Wakefield
Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield
  • Played I-Spy through the big windows in the gallery
  • Took the clipboard and folder down to the art activity room to get messy with the ink
Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield
  • Created ink prints with pieces of string and then made a collage
  • Ate in the cafe and had multiple snacks in the picnic room
Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield
Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield

In total we were there all afternoon, over 3 hours, and really took it slow… it was wonderful to go with the flow and not have to do things with any time restrictions. So many times I hurry us along and take us from one thing to the next. This time it was just nice to enjoy things how they were.

The cafe

I really recommend the cafe. Healthy, home cooked modern food in a bright and airy space. We love the selection of books and plants around and often there’s some IKEA toys for kids for them to play with.

There’s high chairs, kids meals and picnic boxes. Lovely homemade cakes and treats, good coffee and friendly staff. The breakfasts are great.

If you’d prefer to take your own food there are plenty of seats for picnics indoors just next to the art rooms.

hepworth wakefield cafe | Top 5 (4 free!) Things To Do With Kids in Wakefield
Hepworth Wakefield Cafe | Top 5 (4 free!) Things To Do With Kids in Wakefield

The simplicity of the day really suited us and gave us time to enjoy each others company. <3

Free day out at Hepworth Wakefield

The free family activities are usually suitable for 2-12 years but as I noted before I do think they’re best for 3 years+, just from our experience. 🙂 I check their what’s on section of the website often to see what’s coming up. The activities change all the time, so it’s worth taking a look to see what’s on.

hepworth Wakefield

We have been to Hepworth a few times now and have never been asked to write about it or recommend it; this is just something we love to do that I wanted to share with you.

Have you been and what do you think? Do you know of any places similar to recommend? 🙂

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