£9 adult & toddler tickets at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

£8 day out tickets at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

This is an updated review visit as we’ve just been to Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester again. We’ve been before the previous year but during school holidays and the price difference this time was a big one: original visit £26 for Sealife and Legoland combined, compared to just £9 for term time adult and toddler deal for Legoland only or £14 with Sealife!

The adult and toddler deal is valid monday-friday term time only and includes one adult and one toddler for £9.

It’s such a bargain, even compared to individual admission which is, when booked online, £15.95 an adult and £11.95 for 3-11 year olds.

It is worth booking the adult and toddler deal even if your child is under 3 years. Children under 3 go free at Legoland but 1 adult ticket is more expensive than the adult and toddler ticket. If you combine with Sealife it’s £14. Book here.

So if you can go during term time make sure you book that deal found here!

Legoland Discovery Centre is small, and now I have been twice, once full price and once special offer; I won’t be going pack to pay full price. I do think the £8 adult and toddler is fantastic value for money, though, and we had a great time.

The attraction is all indoors, making it perfect for cold/wet days. It was so quiet, too, compared to when we went during school holidays. I’m talking, maybe 2 other families at most!

£8 day out tickets at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

This time we did the 4D cinema and even though Eric wouldn’t wear the glasses, he sat through it and said he enjoyed it. His favourite part of Legoland still is the Build and Test area. This is where you can build your own cars/vehicles, then using ramps and slides race and test them out. He loves toy cars and roads so this is perfect for him.

£8 day out tickets at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

There are 3 rides at Legoland which only 1 we would have been able to go on due to height restrictions but Eric didn’t want to go on it, anyway. Either way this didn’t matter to us and I still think it’s good value for money.

Other things we did include:

£8 day out tickets at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester
  • Free-style lego building in the building pit areas
  • Soft play area (which is more like hard-play: you can leave your shoes on!)
  • Looked at Lego models and buildings
  • Duplo corner with slide, sit-on big cow, lots of duplo to build with, and free activities with a lego demonstrator
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Duplo play corner

We liked the beginning which is a mini-tour with a staff member who tells you all about how lego bricks are made through lego machinery, at the very end you get a piece of lego to take home as a souvenir.

Legoland discovery centre is recommended for 3 years+ and I do think this is about right. Eric was 2 and a bit, at the previous visit but still enjoyed it: however I think it was much better this time and he was able to do more. I’d be happy enough to have took him at that age if we had known about the adult and toddler price.

£8 day out tickets at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

There are lots of places to sit, a cafe and toilets so because of that I think this is a good day out for if you are taking members of family who need regular breaks or can’t walk around much. And this might also be good for if you have a baby and toddler, as the toddler can’t really escape anywhere and there are lots of places to sit down, and areas for toddler to stay occupied with for (well, toddler span!) long periods of time.

£8 day out tickets at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

The cafe area is open like this, but there is also seating inside the cafe, too. This part of the cafe seating (above) is next to the duplo corner, with tables and chairs really close to it, so you can easily see your child whilst they’re playing.

Have you been? I would love to go to Legoland Windsor this year, but we’ll have to see!

Thanks for reading and do share this if you found it useful!

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