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Childs Play Mobile Craft Sheffield

Eric panting a bunny at Childs Play

Did you know about Childs Play Mobile Craft with Lindy? Childs Play is the only mobile craft in Sheffield offering a range of services, paint a pot, parties, sessions and fun activities for children. We love the Lindy’s Story S.A.C sessions and Christmas baubles. Childs Play Mobile Craft Sheffield

Childs Play made the decision to close the craft cafe on Middlewood Road earlier this year to concentrate more on shows, parties and events. At Wisewood Methodist church on a Monday from 3 until 5pm (10 – 2pm in the holidays), there’s themed weeks with a variety of crafts on offer from £1 sticker scenes to £5+ porcelain figures. Wednesday sees Lindy’s Story S.A.C at Medieval Mayhem.

For special occasions, bespoke mobile party packages suit from tots through to teens and grown ups, from hen parties, adult nights and parent meet ups. Childs Play cater at all types of events, and are incredibly flexible, from seasonal parties such as Halloween, birthdays and shows. In addition, Lindy can cover PPA craft sessions and craft with all ages young and old. This can be to a theme to link in with curriculum areas.

Childs Play is completely mobile so they will come out to you, whoever you are, to suit your budget and ideas. With a selection of porcelain and foam clay days, with all the paint, brushes, clothes, glaze and bags there is something for everyone. Childs Play is suitable for schools, too. Just recently, second year students enjoyed experimenting with their Mexican theme doing ‘the day of the dead’ using foam clay. This sparked enthusiasm and resulted in some wonderful patterned skulls.

Childs Play Mobile Craft Sheffield

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I know Lindy from a few years ago. Back when Lindy had a shop in Hillsborough, I took Eric to do some Christmas baubles with hand prints when he was around 8 months old. Lindy could not do enough for us. Not only were the prices very reasonable but it was so lovely to support a small family independent business. Lindy is incredibly talented and crafty with more things than you can imagine, from baubles to story activities and craft related activities of all kinds. She can pretty much adapt to any theme you can think of. Lindy can cover PPA craft sessions and craft with all ages. This can be to a theme to link in with curriculum areas. This is a talent in itself and something I wish I could do!

Childs Play Mobile Craft Sheffield
Painting a unicorn at Lindy’s story s.a.c

We recently went along to a Lindy’s Story S.A.C session at Medieval Mayhem; new sessions every Wednesday with a different theme full of fun activities. We were busy painting a unicorn, the kids all loved getting cute temporary rainbow tattoos, listening to a story and singing. All finished up with snack time and play then sand art. It was such a busy morning and we really enjoyed it. I’m going to be going along to the Stickman and Night before Christmas sessions, I do recommend them! I was really impressed with the quality of the session.

Childs Play is so much more than the S.A.C sessions, though. I asked Lindy some questions to help us understand what Childs Play is all about, the inspiration behind it all, and how Lindy creates her seasons. This a fantastic Q&A…

Meet Lindy from Childs Play Mobile Craft

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Hi Lindy. Can you tell us how Childs Play started and what your inspiration behind this was?

Lindy has a BA(Hons) in Teaching and Learning plus: Seventeen years experience as a HLTA Three years of classroom teaching Working for a year in a specialists provisions unit Two years experience as an ESCO providing the Opportunties fund with activities for sixteen primary schools. When the funding ran out for the opportunities fund and I moved to Sheffield I realised just how much of an impact it had had on many children’s lives. This prompted me to set up Childs Play with my eldest son where we could keep prices as cheap as possible, try to promote behavioural awards which we have given to any schools in Sheffield who have wished to take them. We have worked with Sparkle to provide a place for children to be creative and parents to feel supported. There is nothing more satisfying than see a child reach their potential and feel good about something they have achieved.

Besides paint a pot – what else can you offer for little ones to get crafty with?

Foam clay figures, bears to stuff and dress, paper crafting, wood art, exclusive wood art figures (designed and cut to order), canvas painting, papier mache creations and much more. you have an idea and we will find a way to deliver.

Can you tell us about 2 lindy S.A.C sessions coming up in 2018 that you’re particularly excited about and why?

Stickman as I love to see children express themselves and using a stickman can help them to do this and the fact that this is the first time anyone will have had a stick man as we are drawing and cutting them especially for this session. I am also looking forward to ‘Santa Needs a Wee’. I am hoping that the children have some good ideas about what we can give Santa when he comes to visit as he really doesn’t want anything to drink if he needs a wee… What a dilemma. This is the week the children design / colour their cups with straws, make mocktails and party.

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The themes behind your Lindy’s S.A.C sessions are so creative! Where do you get the ideas from and how long does it take to plan one?

Ideas for my Story S.A.C. come very quickly. I loved story telling with children in my class and often gave them a stone in circle time to give them inspiration. Where did the stone come from? How did it get there? Who had the stone before you? What was it like where they came from? Etc.,… This fires the children’s creativity.

Linking them all together can take some time as I need to find a book, look at the moral behind the story, link it to the theme and then support children’s understanding of this theme within their ability to understand. I also then have to find a song and order ceramics to complete the S.A.C. I tend to plan a group of 6 to 8 in an evening and spend the next week perfecting it.

Childs play craft parties so fun! Can you tell us more information about this?

Most people who have a party with us tend to book a hall and set up party food with music. We arrive with the themed porcelain and set everything up. We provide paint, brushes, aprons, bags and labels. We talk to the children about colours and give them 30 – 45 minutes to paint their masterpiece. As the children have their party food we clear away and leave their work to dry. Once they have finished we will do pass the parcel and a couple of games with them. We ask for 15 to 20 minutes to bag their work as they dance or have more games with parents.

The parties are generally 2 hours. We can glaze their pots if party games aren’t required due to timings. We can however provide a box, bags and glaze if parents wish to glaze them and hand them back to children at school. If children are very young we do advise smaller items so we can include other crafts alongside. We would suggest a round robin with no longer than 10-15 minutes at each station and musical movement in between.

Lindy S.A.C sessions at Medieval Mayhem have recently been rebranded over from ‘Wednesday takeovers’ can you tell us more about these sessions & what they include?

Lindy’s Story S.A.C. sessions starts at 9.45am We will have a story followed by an activity supporting early learning goals. We will then sing a song before settling down to do our ceramic painting (or other). This session runs through until 10.45am, when children will go into the main hall to have a snack and juice.

At 11am the Medieval Mayhem team will lead the children with the chuchuwa song back into the party room where there will be an activity for all children to take part in. Lindy will lead the 11am activity and once this is finished will glaze the ceramic pots for you to take home (these can be taken straight away if unglazed). The price also includes entry for the child to Medieval Mayhem. £5.00 for under 1 year £7.50 for 1 year olds £10.00 for 2 – 4 year olds.

Please note that as we do not expect little ones to understand all aspects of these sessions and that may not be able to access the activity, we have repriced the under 2 year olds sessions to reflect this. However we are confident that younger children will be able to take part in the painting. We aim to meet the needs of our younger audience, so booking in advance is a necessity as some activities/resources may need to be adapted.

What is your personal favourite craft related activity to do, either alone or with your family?

I love Christmas time as it is bauble season. I have what I call ‘serial offenders’ who come back each year to do handprint baubles. I can see just how much their little ones have grown and it’s wonderful to think about how I may have helped to create some lovely memories for many people.

However, last year I did 1500 baubles and once the prints are done and they have been made into snowmen etc I have the job of naming, sparkling and glazing every single one of them. It can take a long time. Another activity is canvas painting using fingers and glue sticks. It’s amazing what you can make.

I do ‘autumn leaves pictures out of dots and dashes. I love it! We don’t fire our pots which is why we can offer a cheaper service. We triple glaze them instead so they shine.

Sheffield is a great place to live with children, we have lots to do here for all ages. what are some of you and your families favourite things to do?

We spend as much time as we can with out LO and take advantage of our local area whenever we can. Our favourites are Millhouses, Graves, Hillsborough and Oughtibridge park, Western Park Museum, Soft play centres, cinema and bowling.

Getting toddlers into crafts can be tricky. Can you recommend a craft related activity to get started with?

We are going on a bear hunt. They colour a picture, make a bear and use pots and shakers to make the sounds as they swishy swash and stumble trip through the session. Getting tinies involved can be tricky but colour mixing and painting with their hands as well as sand mixing pots are good place to start.

In addition to Childs play, what else do you enjoy doing?

Ha, ha, between myself and Peter, who make lead soldiers, who are both self employed, there is very little time left as we are rushing around. I am the chair of the PTA at a local school and any spare time I have will go to them or events doing tattoos to raise funds for our behavioural award scheme.

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Lindy's Story S.A.C - Childs Play craft sessions in Sheffield





DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions, words and thoughts are mine. I have paid for and continue to pay for any of Childs Play services/sessions and personally recommend them.

Childs Play Mobile Craft Sheffield

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