6 Reasons why you’ll love Rivelin Valley Park in Sheffield | Free day out

Who doesn’t love a good park? Rivelin Valley Park in Sheffield is one of the best. This great park is free to visit, and boasts a nature trail, amazing woodlands, a cafe, playgrounds, FREE water splash and paddling pool in summer.

It’s in the north of Sheffield closest to Malin Bridge tram stop. Postcode S6 5FE. There is no car park, but there is a road going right across the main park entrance. I don’t drive and we walk through the woods from Malin Bridge (which is lovely). There is lots of on street parking.

I highly recommend the woods here, they are my second favourite in Sheffield to Forge Dam.

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6 Reasons why you’ll love Rivelin Valley Park in Sheffield

1. Rivelin Valley Park has the type of muddy woods that we love. In my opinion, these are the best for puddle splashing days! The woodlands are honestly a pleasure to be in, see and it always smells so fresh.

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2. If it’s a lovely day, Rivelin has a FREE WATER PARK! There is a paddling pool, fountains, sprinklers & all that jazz. Currently open at weekends from 11am to 5pm until 14 July 2018. Open 7 days a week from 11am to 5pm from Saturday 14 July to Sunday 3 September.

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3. The park has a good playground, which is big and has picnic space next to the play area which is very handy. There’s equipment suitable for older and younger, slides, swings and everything to keep littles entertained.

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4. Rivelin Valley Park is home to a nature and heritage trail, and has 20 archaeological remains with waterwheels and mill dams.

Rivelin Valley Park in Sheffield
Rivelin Valley nature trail

5. The park stretches from Sheffield to the Peak District, so walks can be enjoyed all the way up from exploring a nature trail in Sheffield to the beautiful landscapes of the peaks.

6. A cafe is near the playgrounds, toilets, ice cream van and spaces to picnic.

Rivelin Valley Park in Sheffield
Rivelin Valley cafe

Rivelin Valley can be reached by bus or tram from Sheffield on the Blue Route tram to Malin Bridge. I recommend getting the tram to Malin Bridge and taking a walk through the park to reach up to the playground/cafe. This little walk takes around 30 minutes, and it is picturesque, quiet and you can find waterwheels, see ducks and enjoy a woodland stroll before reaching the playgrounds/water area.

Rivelin Valley Park in Sheffield

All of the park is free, including the water play area, nature trail and playgrounds. Woohoo!

Have you been to Rivelin Valley? Would you consider taking your kids, if you haven’t? It ticks a lot of boxes for us! I’m lucky to live so close.

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