Heeley City Farm, Sheffield | Community run and free day out

Heeley City Farm, Sheffield is one of those places which, if you live in Sheffield, you probably will of heard about. It’s a local gem.

If you are visiting Sheffield, or are local and haven’t been yet; you must go! It’s under appreciated that we have such a good, community run farm in Sheffield. It’s a lovely place, completely free to visit with a fantastic family friendly cafe.

“Heeley City Farm identifies, confronts and addresses the problems of poverty, inequality, prejudice and lack of opportunity in our inner city community by supporting and promoting community regeneration and self help within environmentally friendly and self-sustaining systems, using the background of a mini farm, community gardens and related resources.”

Heeley city farm Mission statement, 2016.

With a community run visitor centre, regular activities and groups, community run festivals, animal farm with various animals, small animal room, a gorgeous cafe with homecooked vegetarian and vegan food, a garden centre, a playground, outdoor and indoor seating… Heeley City Farm has lots going on. It is a stones throw from the city centre and free to visit. They offer kids parties, too, and encourage the community to get involved with their projects.

heeley city farm, sheffield with a toddler family day out

The farm is small enough for little legs can wander and stroll around without getting too tired. Size-wise it is small and compact which is why I like it for my toddler.

heeley city farm, sheffield with a toddler family day out

One of my favourite things about Heeley City Farm, though, is the cafe! Daily specials, a selection of salads, good soft and hot drinks, kids food and all delicious. It’s good value for money and made on-site. The cakes are delicious, too. Did I mention they have toys for kids? Yep, a good selection of toys with little bits and bobs and books.

cafe at heeley city farm, sheffield with a toddler family day out

This is always a winner for us. We love going somewhere knowing that Eric will be entertained. There is a great family friendly atmosphere in the cafe with little ones welcomed and catered for.

vegan food at heeley city farm heeley city farm, sheffield with a toddler family day out

My vegan chilli dish was so yummy! It came with a choice for side salad, I had a coffee and apple too.

heeley city farm, sheffield with a toddler family day out

Around the farm animals are friendly and food is available to buy to feed the animals. There are small, large animals, birds, stables and duck pond. There is also a small animal house with guinea pigs, rabbits, etc., and handling sessions.

heeley city farm, sheffield playground with a toddler family day out

The playground is for under 8’s and next to the cafe. It is small but pleasant and great for little ones. My son likes the wooden house especially.

heeley city farm, sheffield with a toddler family day outheeley city farm, sheffield with a toddler family day out

There are a few areas to the farm and it is nicely laid out all compact and close together. A map is here. It is a quick escape from the city and well worth a visit for all ages. A visit to the cafe is a must, a stroll around the animals is pleasant for everyone. The regular events, groups and workshops make Heeley city farm a thriving place.

It’s important to support your local community and independent businesses. What are your favourite places to visit where you live?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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