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Hello all & welcome to Made in Sheffield. This special series will showcase local Sheffield businesses who work hard to provide families with unique products, services, experiences and handmade gifts. It’s so important to support independent and local businesses so it was a no brainer for me to start this series. And to keep it on topic for my readers, I will interview each business and ask them about their favourite days out! 🙂

First up for Made in Sheffield is Michelle Racey from Babyprints Sheffield. Babyprints make the most special gifts, keepsakes, frames and casts for families in Sheffield with examples of her work being displayed in Jessops Hospital Maternity Ward. The castings are incredible, the details second to none and Michelle’s passion is admirable. She is incredibly passionate about baby prints and the dedication in her work is why hundreds of families in Sheffield continue to love her creations. Michelle has told us all about her favourite products, frames and castings for you to see with a huge range of variety from statues, photo frames, pet castings and family frames.

Let’s find out more about Michelle and why Babyprints Sheffield is the perfect keepsake for any family. I’m particularly a fan of the foot casts; they’re adorable!! I also love the statues.

babyprints sheffield

Michelle has kindly offered all our readers 15% off with the special order code TWT1. Don’t forget to use that when ordering to get 15% off framed product. 🙂

babyprints sheffield

Made in Sheffield: Babyprints Sheffield specialist

Made in Sheffield: Babyprints Sheffield specialistMade in Sheffield: Babyprints Sheffield specialist

Michelle Racey is a Babyprints Sheffield specialist based in Fulwood. Babyprints specialise in providing a handprint and footprint casting service for babies, children and even adults. These casts are very special with guaranteed quality results every time. From framed baby hand prints and foot prints to stand-alone hand and foot metal cast statues – there is something to suit every occasion and budget.

Each babyprint is unique – and you get a vast array of framing colour combinations to choose from. Babyprints make a perfect gift for proud new parents and grandparents alike.

Michelle Racey is based in Fulwood, Sheffield. Babyprints are displayed in various locations across Sheffield including:

  • Jessops Maternity hospital
  • Truffles gift and card shop, Fulwood Sheffield
  • Redmires nursery-Sheffield
  • Supported by Haus Estate Agents

How does it work?

The casting is a simple process, and involves gently immersing each hand or foot for about 10 seconds in a lukewarm syrupy material the consistency of thick custard, which sets in 10 – 15 seconds to a rubbery mould from which the hand or foot is easily removed.

We use high quality hypoallergenic moulding powder that gives a fine cast and excellent result. The impressions are taken by pressing the hand or foot into soft clay, from which a plaster tile is created and then framed.

The casting appointment will take 20 – 30 minutes; this includes time to take the casts and to choose your frame and finish.

The frames are handmade to order for each child; the finished framed piece is ready to collect in 4 weeks.

What products do Babyprints offer?

There are so many different types of frames, casts and prints available to suit everyone. Here are some examples.

Stand alone pieces called statues

babyprints sheffield
Framed hands, feet and paws taken as 3D
babyprints sheffield
The most popular frame of one hand and one foot in a classic frame in our double mounting
babyprints sheffield
Classic sibling frame in a limed frame and hover mounting which gives a unique colour presentation within the mounting by creating a shadow between the front and back mounting. Babyprints have used a special acetate name plate which brings an extra element if class to the frame.
babyprints sheffield
This is Michelle’s favourite frame below. The initial frame which captures the unique print of your child of any age which is then personalised to any colour using your child’s initial. This is showcasing the hover frame and acetate name plate held in a black frame and stone mounting.
babyprints sheffield
There are family castings. This is a daughter and her mum and father who has a terminal illness. Michelle’s passion is to create the memory which will last forever.
babyprints sheffield
Pet prints which capture your pets paws.
babyprints sheffield
Triple frames which is used to capture your babies hands and feet whilst also presenting your baby in a photo.
babyprints sheffield
An example of a new hear mounting in a white frame using sugar almond and pink to showcase the babies hands and feet in pearl white.
babyprints sheffield
LOVE frame using your babies hand and foot to make the V in bronze, within the dark frame using hover mounting in antique white and black hover mounting.
babyprints sheffield
These are our ‘Nurture’ frames. Just to capture the family as a whole or just a parent and newborn.
Available for the babies who have left us too early is Michelle’s special angel bauble or classic bauble example
babyprints sheffield
Babyprnints capture the hand and foot in clay and provide a reverse plaster casting which is then artistically treated to look sand like. The skill is ultimately in the detail.
babyprints sheffield

Find a full price guide here

How do I book?

by appointment only: –
Tel: 07468 457542

babyprints sheffield

and here’s a special interview with Michelle Racey from Babyprints Sheffield!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Michelle. I was a specialist nurse for children with disabilities who has experienced my own loss. My passion therefore is to create the opportunity for everyone to create a memory capture of their own loved ones of all ages.

What was your inspiration to start Babyprints Sheffield?

I wanted to reignite my natural creative streak which had gotten lost in my passion for my nursing profession. I forgot ‘me’ in the journey. I’m not saying it was a bad journey at all , just one that disabled my ability to be selfish now and then.

If you could choose 2 favourite products what would they be and why?

I love my hand clasps of parent and child (all ages) and my ‘Initial’ frame

What is your favourite thing to do with your family in Sheffield?

I love to explore the countryside with them. I’ve just moved to Loxley so really excited to learn new walks, meet new people and find new things to go for my daughter who’s just starting school.

How long have you been a Babyprints Sheffield specialist and what is your advice to anyone who is interested in starting their own business in casting and prints?

I bought my franchise in May 2017. To be successful you really need to have the specialist training to obtain a quality impression the first time,the financial backing to enable the provision of high quality products and also to have the skills which enable an open and honest relationship of mutual respect that helps create a very bespoke product just for that family who are commissioning your work.

Don’t forget, Michelle has kindly offered all trips with a tot readers TWT1 for 15% off framed products. And for a chance of entering a giveaway to win a free hand and foot casting with frame with double mounting enter on our Facebook page here.

Thank you Michelle for taking part in this series!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


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