Review: South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham

The South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham is a non for profit organisation with a varied display of vintage vehicles. The museum offer vintage bus hire and is home to over 50 vehicles including cars, buses and trams. The museum is only open once a month on the Sunday from 10:30am-4pm. The admission prices are £6 adult, and £2.50 over children aged 6. Family tickets are available at £10.

Watch this for a museum tour:

South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham

Eric loves vehicles so we were excited to see what his reaction would be. I’ve always been interested in vintage cars and buses; you have to admit they’re fascinating and attractive to look at! We were super excited to ride on one of the vintage buses from Rotherham Interchange to the museum which was free, the Free Heritage Shuttle Bus pick ups visitors from the bus station on the open day and take you to the museum, and back, for no fee. This was a lovely experience and a great surprise too, it added something special to the day. Watch the video to see it!

South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham
Free Heritage Shuttle Bus
South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham
Free heritage shuttle bus

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the museum… was it going to be an old building? In a bus station? Or in the middle of no where? It seemed tricky to get to by public transport on a map… although it looked close to Rotherham Parkgate there didn’t seem to be a path to walk there. I’m so glad the bus could take us from the interchange!

The South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham is is a factory setting and from the outside you’d never guess what it is. There were a few vehicles outside in the car park, Eric’s favourite was the old train with the face.

South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham
South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham

South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham

Inside, you enter through a gift shop. The first room in the museum is a huge hall with lots and lots of vintage vehicles, toilets and a cafe. There were so many vehicles from bikes to old buses and a milk float, we didn’t know where to start. It’s cool just walking around between the huge buses, some of them are open so you can go inside them, too. Eric loved the cars especially but he was thrilled to go inside the HUGE buses, too.

South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham

Around the room there’s so much old memorabilia to look at such as magazines, cabinets with figures, stamp collections and more. These were too young for Eric to be interested in but it is fascinating for adults if you’re a vintage vehicle enthusiast. Inside some of the vehicles were more collections and history displays, again this was only for adults to enjoy and most of them were very old and fragile; definitely not suitable for kids to play with. Eric did get a bit frustrated he couldn’t touch or play with anything, but we just tried to distract him by looking around the museum.

South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Rotherham

There’s only two main halls and a restoration room, but there are so many vehicles it feels huge. It really is a museum with historical transport… and not much more. If you’re REALLY into this, you will love it; it’s very real, very interesting and unique, but if you’re not too bothered it might be a disappointment. Eric did enjoy it for the hour or so we were there, and the bus ride was fun, but I probably wouldn’t go again.

I would say that, if you’re in the area or need something to do for a vehicle loving toddler or enthusiast, and happen to be free on one of the open days, it’s worth a look. As the museum is only open once a month, it feels a little special and even though we didn’t spend long there, I am glad we went to see what it’s all about. Check the opening times for the museum here.

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Have you been to a transport museum before? Is this something you’d be interested in?

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