New Favourite! Free Day Out: Wakefield Museum

I’ve just discovered a fantastic toddler friendly, interactive museum and best of all, it’s free! I can’t believe we didn’t know about it sooner; it’s one of those places you wonder why you haven’t already been. Wakefield Museum in Wakefield One, WF1 2EB minutes away from the train station is a lovely, free day out. Things To Do In Wakefield: Free Day Out at Wakefield Museum

To get more out of our trip, we combined it with a visit to The Hepworth Wakefield to see the new light exhibition. There’s loads more to do in the area, too, like Room on the broom adventure trail and National Coal Mining Museum For EnglandThings To Do In Wakefield: Free Day Out at Wakefield Museum

Things To Do In Wakefield: Free Day Out at Wakefield Museum

Things To Do In Wakefield: Free Day Out at Wakefield Museum

The Wakefield One building has more than just the museum. It has a library with a cool little children’s area with nice chairs in weird shapes, a tunnel and cosy reading corners. We went there first before going back downstairs to start exploring the museum.

I really love how there’s a library in the same building… what a fabulous idea! To make it even better, across from the museum is a little kooky cafe decorated all rainbow theme, serving handmade food, hot and cold drinks. What a lovely place! 🙂


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The museum isn’t huge but has more than enough to keep a toddler entertained. We didn’t expect it to be this good so we only put an hour or two aside for our visit but Eric didn’t want to leave and there was lots more he could have played with.

First we found a room with animals, including a big crocodile on the floor with a glass window so you can walk/run on top of the crocodile. Lots of pretty birds and oddities in the “Charles Waterton” exhibition.


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A FREE museum trail is available “Little Spotters History Hunt” which I thought was really lovely. All the galleries are interactive and have things to play with, toys, dress up, puzzles and best of all is The Front Room gallery which has Victorian era dressing up, wooden play kitchen with lots of utensils and toys, crafting tables, soft toys, puzzles and train set.


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Eric really, really loved the play kitchen and dressing up; there was lots to play with and it was all clean, high quality and really well laid out.

Things To Do In Wakefield: Free Day Out at Wakefield Museum

I loved the decor and how real everything seemed… the victorian era dressing up clothes, the arm chairs and the old fire places in The Front Room were fun to look at and pretend with. We had a bit of fun dressing up with the wigs!

Things To Do In Wakefield: Free Day Out at Wakefield Museum

Eric played for ages with the kitchen. We could have stayed much longer and actually, the museum alone could have been the day out.

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I would definitely recommend it and I’ll be going back; you really can’t go wrong with it being free, too. Location is fab just across from the train station. I don’t drive so I’m not sure about parking, but I’m sure google could help with that one! 🙂

When it comes to museums they’re our favourite thing to do (apart from being outdoors!) and we are always on the look for new ones that Eric will love. Read this post for the best interactive museums in Yorkshire for toddlers and if you know any we’ve missed out please let me know! 🙂

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