Longshaw Estate: 5 Things you didn’t know

You’ll know I love Longshaw if you know me well, you can see our last video and blog here. It’s my local National Trust and somewhere I visit often with friends and family. I arrange meet ups there for my local parents group throughout the year with picnics and paddling down at Padley Gorge, and autumn strolls finding wildlife in the cooler months. Me and my partner love heading down to Longshaw Estate to escape from city life to enjoy a family day out in the countryside; it is on the edge of Sheffield but gives us the Peak District satisfaction that we get an itch for. We love walking, so if we want to go out and explore but don’t want to go too far; Longshaw Estate is where we usually head for. I never get bored of it, though know it well, so I was so excited to be invited down to see a new path and walk which has just been opened up by National Trust.

We are definitely not the most photogenic people and didn’t take a good camera, but here’s one that Jenny (who invited us; thank you!) took of us! I hate having photos taken of me but have to remind myself it’s memories that’ll last forever! Here’s one that makes me laugh… (and smile)

Longshaw Estate National Trust

I guess if you don’t go to Longshaw as often as we do, you might think of exciting can a new path be, really? it’s just a path. Well, yeah, but anyone would get excited over something new at their favourite place; and this is ours! It was fun to go and explore somewhere new at Longshaw where we have never been before. It was just as beautiful and interesting as I had expected!

Longshaw Estate
Longshaw Estate new woodland path!

I was very happy, as you can tell! Hehe.

Longshaw Estate National Trust

We were lucky on the stroll through the woodland path because the rain had just given us a break for the time being, and it was actually a little bit brighter than it had been all morning. We looked for wildlife and bugs.


5 things you didn’t know about Longshaw Estate…

1. It’s technically in Sheffield. Longshaw has a Sheffield postcode, S11 7TZ, and is within Sheffield border on buses; meaning you only have to pay a normal ticket fare price! Yay! See my public transport guide here. Tip: If traveling to Longshaw by bus from Sheffield, check your ticket as it sometimes has a voucher for a free tea and coffee from the Longshaw cafe only valid on the same day.

Longshaw Estate

2. Longshaw Estate has a boggart trail for children (but it’s fun for adults, too!). Boggart homes are waiting to be discovered around the estate, opening up your imagination and encouraging you to get inside and play! A map can be bought at the Longshaw visitors centre, but you can enjoy the trail without one; just see where your feet take you and try to find them all of the goblins. There’s so many nature play areas all around the estate as well as the boggart trail; just go and explore.

Longshaw Estate
Nature play at Longshaw Estate

3. There are dens all over Longshaw Estate; you can make your own, or take cover in one already put up. My tip: have a picnic inside of one like we did here whatever age you are!

Longshaw Estate

4. National Trust have owned the estate since 1931 and it’s thanks to them Longshaw has accessible and clean paths, multiple walking trails and nature play areas, cafe, toilets, visitors centre, family events throughout the year, walking tours, ranger days, centre hire and much, much more.

Longshaw Estate
New woodland walk steps
  1. Padley Gorge is only 1/2 mile stroll away through the fields and along the duck pond where picnics and paddling are a must. Padley Gorge and Longshaw go hand in hand and make a perfect day when paired together.
Longshaw Estate
Padley Gorge

It was really fun to be down at Longshaw on 11th July for the opening of a new path. There were just a few families gathered down to celebrate the opening, with a cutting of the ribbon and a stroll through the new woodlands which have been opened up from the path. I will always remember this day; it was raining so much, we were all very wet but Eric in his puddle suit we went along anyway and had a really great time. Eric had so much fun in the puddles, dens and nature play areas; if it wasn’t for the path opening, we wouldn’t have gone to longshaw on a rainy day. But it opened up a new perspective for us; instead of being inside, we were still at our favourite place and had a great day, despite the weather. It just goes to show that rain doesn’t ruin the outdoors days out!

Longshaw Estate National Trust
Rainy day at Longshaw Estate

I wasn’t asked to blog for the opening or for Longshaw at all, but whilst we were there we couldn’t help but take video footage of Eric enjoying himself, and us exploring the new woodland walk which the path has opened up. It was inspiring to be there and I hope you liked the video as much as we did.

Longshaw Estate national trust
Longshaw Estate ice House on the new woodland walk

Thanks for reading and watching. 🙂

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  • July 16, 2017 at 8:08 am

    MY children love walking, well running, and I think they would probably like the trail too especially being child friendly, I don’t think it is TOO far from us, perhaps do able in a day, certainly something to consider. IT does look like a fab activity for all, thanks ou for sharing it at #familyfun


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