Day Out at White Post Farm Review, Nottinghamshire

As part of our trip to Nottingham recently, White Post Farm was on the-visit list. It cost £9.95 each for me and Ollie and £9.75 for Eric, so in total £30 for a day out. White Post Farm is a top family attraction on the East Midlands, with a lot to do. We’ve been before when Eric was much younger; but at 3 year olds now it’s a different experience! What did we reckon? Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands

Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands

Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands
Tractor, combine harvester and outdoor picnic area

Now it’s definitely worth mentioning that on the day we went it was very cold, windy and raining; but we only had that day to go as part of a week trip from London and then to Nottingham, so we braved the weather and went regardless. I remembered there’s quite a bit of indoors play at White Post Farm, anyway, so thought we would be OK with lots still to do!

When it comes to days out that cost I do have high expectations especially at £30 for us all. What can I say, I love cheap and free days out. 😛 It was a nice treat though, and you can save money by booking online in advance.

Where is White Post Farm? Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8HL

Public transport links? Yes, the Sherwood Arrow bus from Workshop or Nottingham stop right outside.

Things to do at White Post Farm

Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands

Lots of animals!

White Post Farm is big with a lot to do and see. It’s fairly spread out with different areas and places to go.

The farm itself is very big with a variety of animals. It’s probably the biggest farm I’ve seen at any farm park we have been to on a big area. The farm outside can easily take up an hour just on its own, and animal feed is available, too.

The goats were really lovely, got aggressive or over friendly and just enjoyed us being there. The animals are spread out over fields, too, with a trail going around. It is pushchair friendly if not a bit muddy, but nothing extreme.

Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands

We saw chickens, goats, pigs, deer, wallabies, cows, llamas, donkeys and ponies. I’m sure I’ve missed a few there!

Animals are not just outside on the fields but there is a big indoor ‘silver barn area’, chickens, goats, chipmunks and incubator room. Unfortunately, on our visit they were renovating this barn completely so we were unable to see the animals and go inside it; I do wish they had told us this on entry or offered a cheaper price on the day, but hey ho.

Indoor animals

We enjoyed seeing the animals in the reptile house. Seeing as it was raining this was great for us as it meant we had lots to see despite it being so wet outside! Lots and lots of animals to see such as huge pythons, tortoise, fish, spiders, reptiles and creepy crawlies. A few of the tanks had small steps going up to the windows as a viewing platforms for little ones, I haven’t seen this before and thought it was a really nice touch.

A picnic room joins onto the reptile and creepy crawlies, with a snack/drinks kiosk and toilets.

Outdoor play

Outdoor play is great! In the outdoor play area is a wooden adventure playground, 2 trampolines, ride on tractors, den building area, go-karts, Wendy houses, a “beach” big sandpit full of sand toys, cars and tractors. Lots of picnic benches to sit and enjoy your own food in nicer weather.

Plus a real tractor and a huge combine harvester to sit on by the entrance. Eric loved the combine harvester and you can sit in both of them.

[easy-image-collage id=9768]

Round near the cafe in the ‘seated garden area’ are bunnies, birds and some other animals plus play houses and a little slide more suited for babies/little toddlers.

We didn’t do crazy golf or water wars due to the weather.

Indoor play

Thankfully, there’s enough to do indoors if you go on a wet day like we did. The only thing to say is that it is very dated. I’m not really the type of person to complain about this sort of stuff, it’s just not something that really makes a difference to my day and Eric can’t tell, either, but this time was a bit different. I think also because of the price of the day out, I took more notice.

In the indoor play area is a small soft play frame, grass sledge, stage for events, paint a pot, animal handling and 2 big huts filled with toys. The soft play was tired, it was cold and empty, there was just no atmosphere; it did feel a little like we had broken in! It seemed very dated and run down.

In the other side where the toy houses were it was not well looked after. Another sledge was in this area, too, but the carpet was really dirty and turned up in the corners, some of the sledges were cracked.

The toys were thrown all over with no organisation, some of the toys didn’t have parts or were broken (like train track, not complete and didn’t have trains with it), soft lego pieces broken, dirty stuffed toys, etc. We were the only ones there so it was not like that due to being busy.

There was a dress up area where children can pretend to be a pony/animal and jump over hoops and poles. That was cute.

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One staff member even said to us, “oh, you have the place to yourselves!”. Eric did enjoy playing with all the toys but did get a bit frustrated that parts were missing or broken and he didn’t really know what to do. We had to get some toys out we have brought along ourselves so he could use some of the toys provided. It just needed some TLC and the toys to be sorted out. There is a lot of potential for that area and the indoor play in general; it is a big space!

Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands

Kids love toys and Eric did really like this area… it’s only me being picky and I thought it could definitely be improved, is all.

In the events barn there’s even more indoor play… this part was Eric’s favourite. Ride on tractors, skuttle bugs, big sand pit with toys, slides, funnels, etc., and it’s all covered up. This was fantastic because Eric really liked the big sandpit out near the playgrounds but it was so windy he couldn’t play in it; so the indoor sand pit was a huge hit and really saved the day! We must have been in that area about 45 minutes. Again, it definitely could benefit from a lick of paint though but it was tidy and organised.

Food & drink and other facilities

We took our own food, as we usually do, and ate it in the covered picnic area next to the reptile houses. A big cafe was open serving hot and cold foods, plus there’s some other options on busier days such as kiosks.

Toilets were not clean, especially the toilet in the picnic area which had rubbish on the floor, no toilet paper and didn’t seem to be cleaned. If it was busy then fair enough, but the park was very quiet on the day we visited; I maybe saw 2 other families the entire day.

There is a gift shop on the way out.

Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands

Overall thoughts

Family Day Out at White Post Farm Review: Farm Parks in East Midlands

For the price I’m not sure if I would go back again, just because of how old/run down some parts are, which really didn’t sit with me. The indoor play area most of all. The reptile house area was old and run down, too, and in some tanks/animal houses paint was coming off the insides. As it was £30 I just expected more.

But! There is A LOT to do there, we were there all day and that is on a wet day. On a dry, or even nice sunny day you could definitely be there all day and enjoy a picnic. It would have a better atmosphere, too. I would go back with better weather but only if I found a discount or vouchers for cheaper entry.

I would be happy to pay the £30 and go back again if they modernised, cleaned it up a little and improved the indoor play area. For that price I would rather go to Piglets Adventure Farm or Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre. It’s also better than Wheelgate up the road, although you can get £7 tickets for that.

If they offered discount entry during term time or toddler + adult offer, I would definitely go back again.

I couldn’t find any offers for alternative cheaper entry during term time or anything, but I did visit their Facebook page and found half price entry offers for some weekends in November. It seems the offers they have will be posted on their Facebook page and not advertised on their website so do check regularly if you’re thinking of going as you could save some money.

As another alternative on prices, I found an annual pass which if you can go often and live close by may be worth it. Adults are £42.50 and children £40. You’d have to visit around 4 times to make it worth while, but seeing as it’s suitable for wet and dry weather, if you could go often then that is a good option.

Other things to mention

  • It is definitely worth taking your own food; there’s plenty of spaces in and outdoor to sit and eat it. The picnic facilities were really good and white post farm are encouraging you to take your own.
  • The pub across the road is family friendly and has a small indoor play area and a playground outside.
  • Unless they improve their toilets I do recommend taking your own hand sanitiser.

Have you been to White Post Farm? What do you think?

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