5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Wentworth Garden Centre

Wentworth Garden Centre is an 18th century, landscaped retail centre for gardening, pet supplies and furniture. You’ll find it in Rotherham in the lovely village of Wentworth, S62 7TF. Whilst you might not consider this a good place for a family day out; you might be surprised. You can read my first review here. There’s a good little family farm with sandpit, huge tractors and not one but two great playgrounds. A new water and sand play area is due to open this summer of 2018. In addition, there is a another playground outside the family farm, historical walled gardens, gift shops and a very popular cafe. Things To Do In Rotherham: 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Wentworth Garden Centre

A day out here is popular with all ages and a good option for days out with grandparents. It can be cheap if you only have one child, but I must note that it can easily get expensive. Whilst entry to the garden centre is free, the family farm is £2.75 per adult, over 2’s £2.50 and under 2’s free. The Historic Walled Garden costs £1.50 adult, under 3’s free or £1. If a family of 4 with 2 grandparents, with both children being over 2 for the family farm and garden this would cost over £15. Is it worth it?

Things To Do In Rotherham: 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Wentworth Garden Centre

Things To Do In Rotherham: 5 Reasons Why You'll Love Wentworth Garden Centre

1. Good play areas

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The playgrounds are great; there’s 2 playgrounds inside the family farm which you have to pay for, one is undercover and really good for toddlers especially with tiny slides, tunnels and rope bridges. It’s fun, colourful and unique yet challenging even for tiny feet. I really like this one. Outside & to the left is a bigger adventure playground, and outside of the family farm (so completely free) is another playground with curly slide. That’s 3 playgrounds if you pay for admission into the family farm.

There’s a lot to keep a toddler busy.

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Eric has been 3 times now and always been busy there, with the animals and playground and tractors in the family farm there’s a good hour. Then there’s 2 other playgrounds, lunch and the walled garden. Out in the courtyard near the aquatic centre is a carousel, garden furniture and little shops which are nice to look in. You can really drag it out for a full day if you have to, or keep it a short visit, either way.

Beautiful historical walled garden.

Things To Do In Rotherham: 5 Reasons Why You'll Love Wentworth Garden Centre

The gardens really are very pretty and I really recommend a visit to them. There’s deer, a maze and little statues, waterfalls and twists and turns. If you love exploring gardens that feel all fairytale then you’ll like this. Especially wonderful in spring and autumn.

Good facilities.

day out at Wentworth garden centre review 23 Wonderful Things To Do with Kids For Spring and Easter in Sheffield

Toilets, places to eat, shops, parking and all that jazz make it easy to be there for families. Lovely village pubs down in Wentworth, too.

Suits a variety of ages.

Things To Do In Rotherham: 5 Reasons Why You'll Love Wentworth Garden Centre

Old and young, grandparents, siblings and dogs; everyone can go here and there’s someone to everyone. It’s always busy with parents and grandparents, kids of all ages and it’s hard to find places like that.


  • Food is expensive and in the cafe there’s limited vegetarian and no vegan options. I would definitely take your own picnic to keep costs down. There are picnic benches inside the family farm near the tractors. The cafe is always really busy.
  • If you don’t drive it is tricky to get to by public transport meaning a train to rotherham or Barnsley then a bus from there.
  • Elsecar Park and Elsecar Heritage Centre are just up the road less than 10 minutes away, with a regular bus service for those without a car, too. Both are free and I really recommend going there to make more out of the day.
  • If you/your family are not too bothered about animals, then you are paying for playgrounds, sandpit and a tractor. There are some fantastic playgrounds in and around Sheffield, loads free, so it’s up to you whether you think this would be worth the visit especially if you kids are over 2 (as they’ll cost). We have never spent long there but on the plus side, it is a really cute little place and the playgrounds are very good.

Have you been to Wentworth Garden Centre? It’s worth following them on social media to keep to up date with their family friendly events as they do run special things throughout the year, like Santa specials and easter fun.

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