Lovely day out at Heeley City Farm

Since we haven’t been doing anything particularly fun lately with the whole moving house thing I thought I’d take Eric somewhere we love; Heeley City Farm. This is a place is I go when I need something simple, fun and free to do with Eric.

I love it when you can rely on somewhere and have the reassurance that it’s always good no matter when you go. Heeley City Farm is just that. It’s a simple day out but enough to keep toddlers entertained. And you can’t beat a lovely cafe!

Watch this little vlog from the day (and some chatty stuff):

Heeley City Farm is community run friendly farm and environmental centre. There’s friendly animals, a looooovely cafe with vegan/vegetarian food, a small but lovely playground and a garden centre; it’s completely free and all of this makes a good few hours out. 🙂 I love that when we go and Eric has a really good time exploring, enjoying nature play, petting the friendly animals finished up with lovely hot food in the cafe.

Heeley City Farm

Heeley City Farm

It’s no secret that we love free days out. Heeley City Farm is always free, their festivals and fairs are also free (the spring fair is brilliant, and the Halloween party). For us it’s our happy place.

Heeley City Farm

I was so happy to finally see some sunshine after very cold and wet few weeks. Eric didn’t have to wear his big padded coat for the first time in what feels like forever! The sunny weather was perfect for the time we spent exploring the farm.

Heeley City Farm Heeley City Farm

We always start at the very bottom of the farm where a little pond is. This area is so nice with little windy paths, animal decorations on the side of the pond fencing and a nature play area behind the pond. This little area gave me some ideas for our new garden! I love the colourful logs to climb on and the “bog garden”.

Heeley City Farm Heeley City Farm Heeley City Farm

The allotment area is good for a run around, we looked at all the plants, flowers and food growing. Eric found a little crochet bee and we played hide and seek with it. 🙂 And it was a really nice pleasant surprise to see so many snowdrops. Hopefully this means Spring is just around the corner.

Heeley City Farm Heeley City Farm

Animal feed can be bought at the garden centre for 50p a bag, but we usually go just to pet them rather than feed. The goats are so friendly and we found a small baby one which Eric was pretty much in love with. It was soooo soft and he loved stroking it, talking to it and telling a story or two. 😉 He even pretended to kiss it and it was so sweet. I love seeing him affectionate towards animals.

Heeley City Farm Heeley City Farm Heeley City Farm

Next up was small animals, where we saw bunnies, birds, spiders, a bearded dragon, guinea pigs, a snake and a few other friends! Leading into the yard we saw some sheep, ponies and turned up the road leading back into the farm. The paths around here are perfect for a little toddler running around and finding their own way. We took some time to see the birds, ducks and hens, before Eric saw the playground!

Heeley City Farm Heeley City Farm

He really likes the little wooden house and slide. I wonder how much these cost to get built because I’d love one for him in our new garden.

We had spent a few hours on our little farm adventure so I think it was safe to say this called for lunch time! Heeley City Farm cafe is one of my most favourite cafes in the whole of Sheffield. The food is delicious with amazing vegan options. Generous portions, very good prices, toys and books to keep kids entertained, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. I usually get the TLT – tofu, lettuce and tomato sandwich (it’s aaaaamazing) but this time had the vegan special which was a burger, with roast potatoes and salad. The salads are really delicious, highly recommend them. The specials are an absolute must try. Eric had a mushroom pate sandwich with some of my coleslaw and a strawberry soya carton.

Heeley City Farm

Such a lovely time. It was just one of those days where it was so easy. No planning needed, it wasn’t busy, we just went with the flow. Cherry on the top that is was free and local, too. 🙂 I took my mum out with us for the day and she said she had a really lovely time.

What’s your favourite free and local day out?

I’d love to hear all about them and any recommendations you may have for us 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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