Come play with us at the new Playmania Sheffield!

Playmania is our favourite play centre brand, there’s one in Barnsley at the Elsecar Heritage Centre which I really like, and a new one in Handsworth, Sheffield. Watch the video above and come along with me to the new playmania so you can see what it’s like inside. 🙂

Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre

I’m a big fan of the Playmania Barnsley play centre because it’s big, it’s fun, it’s bright, it’s airy and Eric loves it. We love that we can make more of the day than just the play centre because it’s in the Elsecar Heritage Centre which is a day out in itself; you can visit the museum (free), have a browse in the antique shops, see the heritage old steam trains and have fun in Elsecar Park (Green Flag awarded) which has really good a playground.

Compared to Playmania Sheffield, that one is a lot bigger and better for older children, or kids who like to do more at soft play centres. The new one in Handsworth is a lot smaller. There’s two play frames, but the baby section I wouldn’t really call a frame; you can’t climb much in it although it does have two levels, it’s very small and there’s more focus on easy climbing, soft bricks, sensory corner, reading, bright colours, etc.,

Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre

The main frame is basic: ball pool underneath, climbing up the second level which has police themed area with rockers and soft steps up to a slide.

Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre
Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre

Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre

Playmania Sheffield is different to any other type of play centre because it has two separate role play areas: a pretend garage and a supermarket. The supermarket has working check outs and pretend cashier tills, pretend shopping trolleys, food shelves with pretend food which can be scanned at the tills; noises and all! The garage has a big pretend car to sit in with overall dress up equipment and mechanical/engineering toys. I haven’t seen this anywhere else in another play centre.

Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre
Play Supermarket at Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre
Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre
Play supermarket at Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre


The supermarket and garage are unique

If your child likes to go in alone, you can easily see them from the outside & they can’t go far or get lost

The food menu is very good with lots of vegan options, dairy free, homemade specials, etc

It’s great for toddlers because there are no bigger children in there due to the size of the frames


The admission prices

It’s small so toddlers who like to go nuts in soft play might get bored

Playmania Sheffield Indoor soft play centre

Please watch the video to see a little tour of it all! You can see more than what’s in these photos.

And take a look at this guest review of Playmania Sheffield here.

My verdict… we have been twice, enjoyed it both times, but didn’t stay long. I like it as a play centre; it’s cheerful, clean, bright and new… but Eric got bored quickly. This is because he likes a lot of play frames with a variety of soft play to burn off energy with. For him just going up and down one slide got boring very quickly and he soon lost interest in the pretend garage and supermarket. For the price, I would want him to spend more time there, and not ask to go home.

For us, bigger soft play centres like Playmania Barnsley and Monkey Bizness are better value for money but this is just down to what Eric likes. Your child might be more than happy with the size of playmania, and if that’s so, then I’m sure you’ll love it. 🙂

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